Silhouette founded in 1964 became popular in the 1970s due to actress Sylvia Kristel choosing their sunglasses in the series of erotic movies called Emmanuelle, as well as in her private life!

Although the main emphasis of Silhouette always relied on its own brand, in 1991 they partnered German sportswear producer Adidas.

It is still responsible for design and production of all glasses for the Adidas Performance line, devoted to athletes. In 1994, the doll Barbie was seen wearing Silhouette sunglasses in the exhibit Art, Design and Barbie at the World Financial Center in New York City. In 1999, the Titan Minimal Art Series was introduced that led to the brand working with NASA. More recently, the Crystal Collection was presented and the brand has grown from strength to strength globally and amongst our customers too.

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