Corporate Eyecare

Blankstone Opticians Corporate Eyecare

Employers’ Responsibilities

Employers whose staff use VDU’s (Visual Display Units) have a responsibility to publicise The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 to their staff, as well as provide:
Full eye examination with a qualified optometrist
Follow up eye tests at the recommended time frame given by the optometrist
VDU corrective spectacles, if required solely for VDU use

At Blankstone Opticians we offer the following comprehensive Corporate Eyecare package: –

  • We can provide either eye examinations at your place of work or at our Derby Square practice.
  • Employers will be charged for their employee’s eye tests at a pre-negotiated rate.
  • Each employee will receive a report clearly stating whether a corrective appliance is required specifically for VDU use.
  • If spectacles are required solely for VDU use, we have a range of spectacles for £60.00 complete.
  • Employees will be entitled to a 10% discount on complete pairs of spectacles or prescription sunglasses.
  • One monthly invoice will be raised for the number of employees examined. This can be paid via BACS or cheque.

For further information on Corporate Eyecare, please contact

Corporate – we’ve always thought the best things said about your business are those by your customers:

 Carol Cavanagh Maddock
Managing Director at Alphabet Design
I have been a customer of Mark Blankstone for a number of years and the reason I go back time and again is because I am always 
impressed with the high standard of professionalism, quality and product range. 

I love wearing glasses and many people comment on how stylish my frames are. I have three current pairs from Mark which I swap and change to match my outfits…

Janet Pickavance
Chief Executive at Brabners Chaffe Street
Mark has provided a great service to my firm and to me since the day he opened his business. I have confidence in him – I trust him with my eyesight !

Robert Bracey
Owner, Utility Warehouse Discount Club
I’ve been a customer of Marks for many years now. I’ve always enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of his shop. There is no hard sell from Mark. He’s always happy to show you a number of frames that suit you and time is never a problem. I’ve only ever been complimented by family and friends when I’ve got a new pair of glasses from Mark.

Elwyn Edwards
Owner, Hill Dickinson LLP
I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Blankstone Opticians. In early 2010 I had what could have been a serious eye condition and Mark quickly organised an examination by one of his ophthalmologists. The condition was quickly and correctly diagnosed and Blankstone’s then assisted in arranging follow up treatment at St Paul’s Eye Hospital.

John Sutcliffe
Managing Director Sutcliffe
Mark provides excellent service and I would highly recommend him for both professional services and supply of glasses.