Lens options

At Blankstones we carry a large range of spectacle lens options and can provide the best advice for what is suitable for you.  For more information, please arrange an appointment to visit our showroom.

Single Vision same vision correction over entire lens – suitable for reading or distance prescriptions
Bifocal combines distance and reading prescriptions, with a choice of segments
Varifocal blended lens enabling clear vision at all distances
Extra Options all above lens types available with these extra options
Thin and Light up to 40% thinner and significantly lighter to improve appearance and comfort
Transitions lenses which react to light i.e. go darker in bright sunlight
Tints available in a selection of colours and shading to soften harsh and bright light
UV Coating filters harmful rays from the sun
Anti-reflection coating to reduce glare and improve appearance
Hard Coat protects the lens, reducing scratches