Recognising World Glaucoma Week

This week is World Glaucoma Week – to bring attention to what glaucoma is and how it affects you. Glaucoma results of a build up of pressure in the eye which results in the optic nerve being crushed – and hence your peripheral vision (initially) and then your forward vision (subsequently) being lost. Untreated, you […]

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Blankstone Opticians in the Press

Blankstone explains 25 years of success in the opticians’ business I am a proud Liverpudlian born into a city that’s always loved its labels. In the so-called ‘militant 80s’, whilst national media were busy focusing on Derek Hatton and Liverpool’s politics, i was busy planning on launching a boutique practice aimed at the city’s office […]

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Blankstones to celebrate 25 years

Our Managing director Mark Blankstone is celebrating 25 years in business this year. Here he sets out how he established and grew the business and why he’s as enthusiastic as ever about the future… I am a proud Liverpudlian born into a city that’s always loved its labels. In the so-called ‘militant 80s’, whilst national media were busy focusing on […]

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oliver goldsmith

Happy anniversary Oliver Goldsmith

Our tribute to the icon that every fashionista needs to acknowledge When people think of memorable names in fashion, Oliver Goldsmith may not stand out from the crowd. But the Oliver Goldsmith story goes back 90 years and this month Blankstone Opticians are celebrating the brand’s anniversary with the launch of an updated version of […]

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Mark Blankstone

Blankstone Opticians promise the sun will breakthrough eventually…

The sun will break through eventually, and when it does, it’s essential you take care of your eyes. So says Mark Blankstone who’s company Blankstone Opticians in Liverpool are on the verge of celebrating 25 years in the industry and have just launched their August Suncare campaign in conjunction with their sale. “What most people […]

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Blankstones makeup

Liverpool females are made up…thanks to Blankstone Opticians

1. Start with your contacts already in. Always insert your contacts before you put any beauty product on your face. And please, always wash your hands before putting on your lenses. 2. Choose oil-free products. Be very particular about the products you use around your eye area. When it comes to primers, eye shadows, mascaras, and eyeliners, those […]

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Blankstones video

Blankstone Opticians celebrates 25 years in Liverpool

Blankstone opticians once again were  proud sponsors of this year’s 2016 Liverpool International tennis tournament played out at Aigburth cricket club. Additionally as an exhibitor throughout the four day spectacular, we collaborated with Chic events and their gorgeous models to display to highly popular effect, our latest and exclusive designer sunglasses in the VIP tent.

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The do’s and dont’s of looking after those precious lenses

Advancing technology now enables most people with difficult vision able to go about their daily lives without having to wear spectacles. That may be a fashion choice, for sport or any number of reasons. With the first of the modern contact lens designs being produced way back in 1948, it appears over time to us from experience […]

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Myths about eyesight

Misconceptions about your eyesight

There are so many misconceptions about your eyesight. Here Mark Blankstone explores some of the myths MYTH #1: IF YOU CROSS YOUR EYES, THEY’LL STAY THAT WAY. It’s a myth that your eyes will “freeze” if you cross them for too long. Crossed eyes occurs when your eyes don’t look the same way at the same […]

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