Designer Frames

As you’ll probably know from viewing the rest of our site, we stock the world’s leading brands in designer sunglasses. However, what’s more, we also have niche products that money simply can’t buy anywhere else in the city of Liverpool!

Take the Oliver Goldsmith designer sunglasses collection. We are the only store outside of their prestigious Notting Hill, London home to stock one of the coolest eyewear brands on the planet. And the great man himself Oliver took time out of his globe trotting business travel to come and help launch his latest range.

Lately, we’ve just secured the rights to sell Tiffany and Celine, as adourned by leading global pop artists and we are the only opticians in Liverpool where you will find these exclusive designer sunglasses brands.

We would strongly advise that you contact us by visiting our showroom as we genuinely only carry a limited edition range of these brands plus we often have waiting lists for these products too!

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