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31st March 2023

Blankstone Net Zero Eyecare

As a practice, all of the team here at Blankstone Opticians are proud to announce we have achieved our first Net Zero Certification from not for profit certification Net Zero Eyecare. By supporting this certification programme we’re proudly playing our part to help the eyewear industry become truly sustainable.

Net Zero Eyecare is all about taking simple actions to ensure that our part of the planet becomes more sustainable – it is a comprehensive programme which covers every part of how we operate as an optical practice and as an independent business. Every action taken by a single business like ours adds up to a whole industry contribution for a better workplace, community, society and our whole planet.

We’re also receiving ongoing support in sustainability with Practice Building’s Net Zero Optics programme, which involves delivering clear, professional structured guidance for us as an independent optical business, and for the whole eyewear sector – we are thrilled to be on board.

We are starting off by calculating, reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint via internationally recognised and verified schemes. We will be implementing simple Standards and Systems to take immediate action to reduce our carbon and plastic footprints.

We are delighted to be a part of the Practice Building Net Zero Optics tribe, so that we can work with other like-minded businesses to move towards our sustainability goals.

I am proud to be working with everyone involved with Blankstone Opticians to achieve these goals. We will regularly update our website, socials and newsletters, as well as providing information in our practice, to keep you informed of our progress.

Mark Blankstone

Net Zero Eyecare is a not-for-profit company that will audit and certify our progress, with visible results we can share with our clients, our community and our industry.

More information can be found here:

Practice Building is a full service agency dedicated to independent businesses in the optical industry. Find out more about their valuable work here: