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Eye examinations are currently available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Our contact lens clinic is on a Friday.

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11th June 2020

Blankstone Opticians is back!

Blankstone Opticians is back open on Monday June 15th (9am- 5pm our first week back)

We are genuinely excited and look forward to seeing so many of our existing and new customers over the coming months.

We’re already taking appointments (available from July 1st) for eye tests from people with an overdue eye exam for which we apologise.

Of course, we’re also helping customers wishing to purchase sunglasses and spectacles from our unrivalled selection of designer brands and would encourage you to make an appointment to do so. We can allocate one hour for you to browse and purchase. 

You’ll be pleased to hear that we’re introducing our mid-Summer sale from June 15th plus, a £99 offer from our brand new diffusion range of frames!

About your next experience with us.

As you’d expect, we’re fully COVID compliant and our procedures will be very different for the near future. Ultimately, it’s about looking after our team and you, in providing the customer care you’ve come to expect from us over the years as a proud independent business in the heart of Liverpool City Centre.

With the lockdown still in place this week for routine eyecare services, we are still available for emergency and essential eyecare.

You can contact us via 0151 236 5392 and Mark will be on hand to give advice.

Emergency Eyecare includes: eye pain; light sensitivity; haloes around lights; eye trauma; distortion of vision; recent onset floaters/flashing lights; red eye or sudden change in vision and problems with contact lenses.

Essential Eyecare includes: broken or lost glasses requiring replacement pair to function for tasks such as working or driving; patients requiring an appointment due to clinical risk; patients with changes in vision that is having an effect on their well being or patients who are anxious about their vision.

All patients will be considered on a case to case basis, remotely initially, to determine whether a face to face appointment is required.

Click here for more information on our COVID secure guidelines

Just give us a call on the number above or you can email us to arrange your appointment. The sooner you contact us, the quicker we can help you in the way you’ve become accustomed to.