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11th October 2018

Blankstone Opticians using World Sight Day opportunity to cut road accidents

Liverpool Opticians launch #PutYourVisionFirst campaign

For this year’s World Sight Day 2018 on  October 11th, Blankstone Opticians is highlighting road safety asking drivers to make ‘vision’ their number one priority.

“Our #PutYourVisionFirst campaign might sound obvious, “said managing director Mark Blankstone “but we’re asking people to improve their vision habits before driving to cut the risks of collisions and deaths. Poor vision is a disability that often goes unaddressed and given the huge public road safety consequences, we are joining in an international campaign to do something about it.

“There are a range of scenarios from e.g. drivers whose eyes are not fit for the road to those who may suffer from poor vision due to autumn and winter glare.

“We are calling on all drivers to adopt just three habits, that is, to check their vision regularly, to wear appropriate glasses and to protect their eyes from glare.”

Liverpool opticians Blankstone has been running a campaign alongside global industry specialist Essilor since the end of the summer, helping drivers understand the benefits of their ‘Road Pilot Lenses.’

“Given the increased risks of glare and accidents in the early morning and late afternoon at this time of year, World Sight Day is another opportunity for people to be reminded about their eye health.

“Whether it’s checking that their lenses or sunglasses protect them from glare or coming to see us about vision examinations, we’re urging people to make the issue a priority for themselves and everyone around them on the roads.”

World Sight Day