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23rd May 2023


Thom Williamson wears the Tart Optical FDR in Demi Amber

Sometimes we like to see how our exclusive brands here at Blankstone work in real life. It’s great to look at glossy images and Insta shots, campaigns and magazine spreads, but we know from talking to our clients that they also like to see how the very best exclusive eyewear looks on people…. just like them!

Our fabulous client and friend probably isn’t someone we’d class as an ‘ordinary’ customer, but then again, some extraordinary life stories often walk through our practice doors. Meet Thom Williamson, who is following his dream of being an actor. We have loved watching his journey so far, and we have been cheering him on as he’s having quite the busy career right now.

Thom’s gorgeous family are also super-talented, and his beautiful wife and three fantastic daughters have been at every performance cheering him on. He has such great style that Thom kindly agreed to come and try on some of our latest collections, working without favourite photographer, Arthur Gold. Thom looks pretty special in Tart Optical, Tom Ford and Oliver Peoples, too.

Thom wears Tart Optical FDR in Gloss Black

Thom is now devoting his time to acting after working full time as a teacher and a firefighter. He has trained with the Merseyside Academy of Drama and recently appeared on stage in productions of John Godber’s SEPTEMBER IN THE RAIN, Timberlake Wertenbaker’s OUR COUNTRY’S GOOD, SILENT CICADA at the Liverpool Playhouse and STONE ON STONE at the Epstein Theatre. Thom has recently, along with his brother Dave, started his own production company – Sidehammer Productions – and has just completed an acclaimed sold out run of Sidehammer’s first production, WEARING COLOURS at the Hope Street Theatre.

Thom, how did you get into acting and what do you most love about the profession?

I started out as a child actor. I come from an acting family – both of my parents were actors and even had their own agency and touring theatre company and so from a young age myself and my brother were cast in various TV shows and feature films.

 You’ve just enjoyed a great run with your latest play. Tell us more….

Since returning to acting I’ve had some great opportunities and some brilliant experiences in theatre performing in a variety of roles often out of my comfort zone. We decided to start Sidehammer Productions as a way of presenting and performing in the type of theatre we grew up on. Plays telling challenging human interest stories. These were the types of productions our parent’s company excelled at and Wearing Colours was one of their flagship shows. It is a challenging piece about the Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985. It has a special place in our hearts and really personifies the type of work we want to present going forward so we were thrilled when the writer John Dillon gave us his blessing to bring the show to a new generation. It was nerve-wracking producing and acting in our first show but it could not have gone better. The cast and director were tremendous and we culminated in a sold out run and excellent reviews. We’re already working on another run to hopefully bring the show to an even wider audience.

Who are your own personal acting heroes?

A lot of my heroes are from generations before me. I’m a huge fan of Jack Nicholson and James Cagney – two actors with incredible energy and charisma. I’ve also just finished reading Paul Newman’s biography / memoir and he was also one of my favourites.

Talking style – who are your own style icons?

I’m incredibly un-stylish. I’m very much a plain white t-shirt and jeans guy. I like to think I’m channelling those classic pictures of early James Dean and Marlon Brando but I probably end up closer to late stage Simon Cowell.

We loved having you try on some of our latest frames here at Blankstone – how did you find the shoot?

It was fantastic. I was a little nervous but the staff at Blankstone were incredibly warm and welcoming and the photographer Arthur Gold did an amazing job and was so easy to work with. We even shot in some beautiful parts of the city centre that I wasn’t previously familiar with. He made me look one hundred percent more suave and intelligent than I actually am so I’m very grateful to Arthur and Blankstones for that.

We know that you loved having a ‘try on’ but you really went for it with Tart Optical Tom Ford and Oliver Peoples!

I absolutely loved trying on the Tart Optical range because the eyewear is so stylish and the brand itself has an amazing story, which Mark told me all about. They have a real history in Hollywood, especially the Tart Arnel, and the frames have been worn by big names on screen including Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, and one of my favourite British actors, Gary Oldman.

Thom wears the Tart Optical Arnel

Thom wears the Tart Optical Countdown

I know they have become really popular at Blankstone due to the ‘Stanley Tucci’ effect. He’s an actor whose work I admire and I also really love that his career has become even more successful over time. I know he has also become known for his cookery and cocktails, but his work on film is outstanding. And his off-screen style is just amazing.

I am really enjoying his new show The Citadel where he plays the perfect spy agent and he looked immaculate on the red carpet in tailoring and Tart Optical. He also looked spot-on meeting King Charles recently, too.

Tom Ford is the ultimate in style – I know my wife and daughters will love these looks as they are a bit more adventurous than my usual style. That’s the great thing about coming into a professional practice like Blankstone – all of the staff had time to go through the ranges with me. So I’m going to cross my fingers and say when I reach a big red carpet, I would definitely love a Tom Ford tuxedo and matching eyewear.

Thom wears the Tom Ford Nico TF1062

And finally Oliver Peoples – this brand has a real laid-back vibe but also a real history to it. The Gregory Peck frames I got to wear were designed especially with the Hollywood icon in mind, with the permission of the actor’s estate. They are such a respected brand, and these are pretty timeless – I felt like I had a real L.A. Confidential moment wearing them!

Thom sports the Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck

It was lovely to catch up with Thom and we think he looks pretty wonderful himself in everything he wears. We will keep in touch with him to see his acting career progress, and we know that by the time he reaches The Cannes Film Festival, he will be giving Leonardo a run for his money when it comes to chic.

What can we say? We have our own Scouse Stanley Tucci in the house. We just hope he remembers us when he’s at The Emmys.

We also need to check in with Mrs. Thom Williamson to see if he can cook, and shake a mean cocktail.

Because then he really can take on Stanley as a triple threat.

Images of Thom courtesy of Arthur Gold

Additional images courtesy of Stanley Tucci/Amazon

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Thom was interviewed for the Blankstone Blog by our very own style reporter, noted fashion writer Nancy Buckland-Kirk