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10th May 2022


From Los Angeles to Liverpool in style

It started for us with Stanley Tucci. We’d been worshipping his cocktail making during lockdown and delved into his Searching For Italy series when it arrived at the BBC. The perfect watch, a blend of Stanley’s love for Italian food, and culture, from Naples to Milan, we simply got swept along with it all. Having already published his own successful line of cookery books, one thing was also a talking point on screen: Stanley’s immaculate style.

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And we weren’t the only ones who noticed. When we had new walk-ins popping into Derby Square, where we are based, asking us to source Stanley Tucci’s glasses, the search was on. And now we are really proud to announce that we are the first exclusive stockist in the UK for Tart Optical, the range which Stanley wears on the show, and in life.

A little bit of history. Tart Optical was first launched in 1948, by Julius Tart, in New York city, himself a leading optician and expert eyewear craftsman. It wasn’t soon before tinseltown came calling, when Hollywood’s leading names wanted to wear these stylish, innovative and supercool frames. Can we start with James Dean? From the golden generation of young Hollywood actors, he was the coolest of them all.

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After Julius retired, production of Tart Optical moved to California, where the design team aimed at producing core collections of elegant, contemporary and understated eyewear. Now handcrafted in Italy and the United States, these are frames which let the wearer shine.

Brad Pitt in Tart Optical. On this occasion, he impresses us a lot.

Legendary eyewear icon Demi Moore wears TO

Lady Gaga brings a heap of glamour to Tart Optical

We are already so impressed with the range, and our fave photographer, Arthur Gold, popped into the store to photograph this legendary range, which we can’t wait to share with you.

Tart FDR

Hello there Tart Optical FDR

Pleased to meet ya Tart Optical Countdown

Introducing Tart Optical Bryan

And finally, Tart Optical Arnel

Back to Stanley. How can we describe his style? This accomplished actor who we first discovered on Murder One, who was more than a fashion insider in The Devil Wears Prada, who made us smile in Shall We Dance, and now has us in the kitchen trying our best to replicate his famous cooking, has perfected the perfect blend of immaculate Italian tailoring with a hint of cleancut Americana.

Sometimes, the beauty of eyewear is in how it shows off the wearer. Tart Optical, we look forward to sharing your range with your growing army of UK fans.

We start in Liverpool, and we are mixing a negroni to toast our launch.

It would be rude not to really, wouldn’t it? When in Rome…

You can view our range of Tart Optical at Blankstone eyewear here:

You can watch Series 1 of a Searching For Italy on BBC iPlayer.

Series 2 is on its way.

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