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15th May 2024

Celeb-Inspired Chic: Spring-Summer 2024 Designer Fashions Meet Hot Sunglasses Trends

Tom Ford Eyewear
Image courtesy of Tom Ford Eyewear. Tom Ford Ren available in store.

As we dive into the sizzling seasons of spring and summer 2024, it’s time to get ahead of the curve with the latest trends straight from the runways. But what’s a killer outfit without the perfect pair of shades to match? Let’s take a journey through haute couture and chic eyewear, style, featuring some stunning frames from Blankstone Opticians and the iconic looks of our favourite celebrities.

Floral Flourishes and Retro Revival

Spring is in full bloom, and so are the floral prints dominating the fashion landscape. Designers like Chanel and Gucci are bringing back the retro charm with bold florals and vibrant patterns. Picture yourself strolling through a garden party in a flowing floral maxi dress, channelling the spirit of vintage glamour.

And what better way to top off this look than with a pair of statement sunglasses? Blankstone Opticians has just the thing with their exquisite collection. Imagine slipping on a pair of oversized cat-eye frames, reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood. These frames add a touch of drama to your ensemble, perfectly complementing the whimsical nature of springtime florals.

Now, let’s take a cue from our favourite celebrities. Picture supermodel Gigi Hadid strutting down the streets of Paris in a chic floral ensemble, accessorised with sleek cat-eye sunglasses from Blankstone Opticians. With their retro allure and celebrity endorsement, these frames are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Tom Ford Snowdon sunglasses
Tom Ford Snowdon as worn by James Bond in Spectre

Sleek Sophistication and Modern Minimalism

As we transition into the heat of summer, it’s time to embrace sleek sophistication and modern minimalism. Designers like Persol, YSL and Tom Ford are favouring clean lines, crisp whites, and bold solids, creating a minimalist chic that’s both timeless and effortlessly cool.

To complement this sleek aesthetic, Blankstone Opticians offers a stunning array of aviator sunglasses. Picture yourself lounging poolside in a sleek white jumpsuit, accessorized with classic gold-framed aviators. These iconic frames add a touch of understated elegance to your summer ensemble, elevating your look from simple to sensational.

PERSOL 714SM as word by Steve McQueen

And who better to take style inspiration from than our favourite celebrities? Imagine actor Chris Hemsworth stepping out in crisp white shirt and tailored trousers, topped off with sleek aviator sunglasses from Blankstone Opticians. With their classic appeal and celebrity endorsement, these frames are a must-have for the modern minimalist.

Tropical Temptations and Island Escapes

As the temperature rises, so does the allure of tropical prints and island escapes. Designers like Versace and Tommy Hilfiger are embracing exotic motifs, bringing a touch of paradise to the runway. From palm leaves to tropical flowers, it’s all about channelling those island vibes wherever you go.

To complete your tropical ensemble, Blankstone Opticians offers a stunning selection of oversized sunglasses. Picture yourself sipping cocktails on a sun-drenched beach, rocking a bold tropical print dress and oversized shades. These frames add a dash of glamour to your summer look, making you feel like a true beach goddess.

And let’s not forget our favourite celebrities. Imagine singer Rihanna lounging poolside in a vibrant tropical ensemble, accessorized with oversized sunglasses from Blankstone Opticians. With their larger-than-life appeal and celebrity endorsement, these frames are guaranteed to make a statement wherever you go.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Style with Designer Sunglasses

From floral flourishes to sleek sophistication to tropical temptations, spring-summer 2024 fashion is all about making a statement. And what better way to elevate your style than with a pair of designer sunglasses from Blankstone Opticians? Whether you’re channelling retro glamour, modern minimalism, or beachside chic, there’s a perfect pair of shades waiting to complete your look. So embrace the trends, embrace the sun, and let your sunglasses do the talking.