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17th July 2023



If you haven’t heard about the new Barbie movie launch, then you must have been indoors for several weeks, with all access to outside communications closed. It’s been so talked-about, and the movie’s lead female star, Margot Robbie, has been travelling around the globe, dressed in an array of Barbie-inspired red carpet looks at film premieres from London to Sydney.

To set the record straight, this is not a film made for children about an iconic doll that comes to life. It is more about challenging what we think Barbie is all about. Barbie as a feminist icon? That may be hard to believe, but it certainly stands true that Robbie herself has earned her stripes in the industry. Put your hands up if you were a fan when she was playing Donna in Neighbours? Guilty as charged, and the irony of that role, about a character wanting to become a fashion designer, led to this young Aussie talent becoming one of the most talked-about Hollywood rising stars, with the pick of haute couture labels at her beautifully shod feet.

Since her huge breakout role in The Wolf of Wall Street, she has gone on to become quite the powerhouse on-screen, with a CV packed with Oscar, Golden Globe, SAG Awards and BAFTA nominations under her fitted belt. And now here we are in summer 2023 and this hugely elegant, funny and endearing actress, who is now also a noted producer, has done more to promote the return of pink than any individual fashion label could instigate.

And it hasn’t just been on screen or on the red carpet. Off-duty, Margot has also been wearing pink in her own style, matching current pieces with beautifully curated vintage finds.

Margot killing airport chic in Chanel

Not afraid of logo chic: the ultimate Gucci sweatshirt

While Margot is able to cherry-pick from design houses, she has a lasting relationship with Chanel. As well as wearing the label on the red carpet, she is also a regular on the Front Row at Chanel shows.

Margot at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards in pink Chanel couture

At Chanel Cruise 2023: it’s all about 70’s laid back chic

This look is summer festival style nailed: if you aren’t quite feeling the bikini top for a night out, you can easily replace it with a simple fresh white T.

And then? Add some pink eyewear. I checked in with Emma at Blankstone and she was able to show me her favourite picks for this season, which will certainly endure for far longer.

The Blankstone Dior WildDior in nude pink with crystal trim – the perfect way to wear Dior with a hint of dazzle

The Blankstone Fendi FE40083U – oversized Fendigraphy beauties

The Chanel 3447 – how to wear Chanel elegance every day

This summer, pink is having a democratic moment. It’s not just a saccharine shade at all – and it doesn’t have to be pretty-pretty, unless that is your vibe.

Life may be really fantastic in plastic, but when it comes to high-end, we would rather devastate in hand-made acetate, thanks.

The Blankstone Dior range is available to view here:

The Blankstone Fendi range is ready to see here:

The Blankstone Chanel range can be found here:

In-practice shots by Emma at Blankstone

Find her on Insta here:

This month’s Margot Robbie style blog is brought to you by our very own fashion reporter, Nancy-Buckland Kirk.

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Additional images courtesy of Chanel/Instagram/Andrew Mukamal

BARBIE is in cinemas in the UK from 31st July 2023