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7th February 2013


Mark Blankstone Opticians, based in Liverpool, has recently invested in a DRS non-mydriatic retinal camera, which has introduced a new service to the practice.  Established since 1992, the practice is labelled as one of the leading independent opticians in the North-West.

The camera will be used to obtain a fundus photograph of the patient’s eye.  Fundus photography is used to detect, evaluate and monitor conditions such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration.

Patients will benefit from the introduction of this service, as a photograph will be taken at each eye test, monitoring any changes over time. The images can also be used to refer the patient for further investigation.

The DRS camera is the only fully-automated camera on the market. It senses the patient, self-aligns to the target eye, captures the image and displays the results on the screen with the touch of just one button.

Jacqui Kenyon, Haag-Streit UK Product Manager, said,

“The DRS has proved very popular in the Optometry market because of its compact design.  The automated settings enable it to automatically capture and store a high-quality image in less than 30 seconds per eye.”

Mark Blankstone, Owner, said,

“I have been very impressed with the speed of the camera.  Taking a fundus image as part of our regular eye exams allows us to keep a record of the eye, which helps us to accurately diagnose our patients.”