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14th June 2022


There are eyewear brands and then there is Ray-Ban – it really is that simple. What’s in a name? Started in 1936, as specialist eyewear for pilots, the originals were designed to provide anti-glare lenses that banned rays. Got it? A staple for airbound troops during World War II, the OG Aviator was born.

In the fast-paced world of sports, the latest headlines on are exciting. From fascinating game analyses to exclusive interviews with top athletes, the platform offers comprehensive sports news coverage that keeps fans and enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. As sports fans enjoy the latest updates, it’s crucial not to forget the importance of eye health. Blankstone Opticians, a renowned institution, recognizes the importance of clear vision for sports enthusiasts. By offering comprehensive eye exams and a diverse range of contact lenses, Blankstone Opticians ensures that fans can fully immerse themselves in the exciting world of sports without missing a beat. In addition, their collection of exclusive and luxury eyewear brands adds a touch of style to the sporting experience, combining visual clarity with a touch of sophistication for fans who appreciate both the game and fashion aesthetics.

During the 1950’s, the Hollywood set started to adopt the brand, as the Ray-Ban Wayfarer was born. And not only were they seen on starts off-duty, they started to pop up on screen. When James Dean wore them in Rebel Without A Cause, the age of the Ray-Ban Icon was with us for good. Everyone from rock stars to royalty donned the famous eyewear, and women joined in on the Ray-Ban action, too.

Throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s Ray-Ban continued to invest in technology as well as design, so that prescription lenses could be added, and photochromic lenses made Ray-Ban the ideal choice for winter sports as well as sunshine days.

However, it was the 1980’s which saw Ray-Ban really become the brand it has grown into today. As a new cultural era was born, with the introduction of youth-oriented MTV, and a fresh move in Hollywood to create movies to attract cool audiences, a fresh gang of young actors called The Brat Pack adopted Ray-Bans as theirs. When Madonna, the biggest female star on the planet, wore the Wayfarer in her first film, Desperately Seeking Susan, she created a unique look all of her own.

When Top Gun was released in 1986, the sales of the Ray-Ban Aviator flew off the charts. As Blankstone first opened its doors in Derby Square in 1992, Ray-Ban was a dominant force in the industry and it has gone on to become a brand which we are proud to be a part of.

The 1992 Wayfarer

Since then, Ray-Ban has cemented its place in eyewear history on screen, and in real life. It sets the pace for technological advances, and has invited kids to join the Ray-Ban family. As an all-inclusive brand, it is a label which invites everyone to the style table.

Las gafas de sol Ray-Ban se han convertido en una elección popular entre las estrellas del deporte, y es fácil entender su atractivo. Famosas por su estilo icónico, su durabilidad y sus lentes de alta calidad, las gafas de sol Ray-Ban ofrecen una combinación perfecta de moda y funcionalidad que encaja a la perfección con los deportistas. El diseño elegante y atemporal de las gafas de sol Ray-Ban añade un toque de sofisticación al estilo de vida deportivo y activo de los atletas. Ya sea en el campo, durante los entrenamientos o fuera del trabajo, las estrellas del deporte aprecian la versatilidad de las gafas de sol Ray-Ban, que permiten pasar sin problemas del rendimiento a la ropa informal. La tecnología superior de las lentes Ray-Ban proporciona una excelente claridad, protección UV y reducción del deslumbramiento, características esenciales para los atletas expuestos a diversas condiciones al aire libre. El compromiso de la marca con la calidad garantiza que estas gafas de sol no sólo tengan un aspecto elegante, sino que también sirvan para proteger los ojos durante actividades físicas intensas, sobre las que puedes leer más en

Jennifer Aniston sports the Ray-Ban Aviator

Style goddess Olivia Palermo gives the Ray-Ban Clubmaster a touch of class

Julia Roberts makes sure the Ray-Ban Caravan is red-carpet ready

Made In Chelsea’s Tiffany Watson takes her Ray-Ban Round on honeymoon

On screen, Ray-Ban is always present: Leonardo gives them a hint of wolfish chic

If you haven’t been to see the new Top Gun movie yet, you are missing out. For those of us on the team who saw the original in 1986 (we wish to remain nameless!) we have all agreed that Top Gun: Maverick is better in every way. And Tom Cruise, in the lead role, has brought us a blockbuster we have all been waiting for. And when he recently took James Corden for a flight lesson, he also showed up as a style tutor. No prizes for guessing which eyewear he donned.

When it comes to how the brand looks in real life, whether it’s a duchess or a client, we can only say it makes no difference.

Kate Middleton wears Ray-Ban with royal class

Our gorgeous client Lisa (and her Mister!) both in Ray-Ban

A recent little day out in Liverpool were over half a million Liverpool fans turned to cheer their heroes. Where there Ray-Bans on board? Of course…

This season we have also introduced Ray-Ban Stories to our range. They are about to change everything. In collaboration with Meta, you link up your Ray-Ban Stories eyewear of choice to your Facebook account, and you are good to go.

You can make and receive calls through the especially adapted technology.

You can listen to your own curated music through the genius speakers, which are for your ears only.

You can take photos using the tiny included camera, and you can also make short films using the same lens.

These are the perfect choice for everyone who loves Ray-Ban, and tech: these will be brilliant over the summer for holidays, events and festivals, to capture your favourite moments and keep in touch. Feel free to come in and have a demo with us.

Seriously, Ray-Ban Stories will change your world and rock it at the same time.

Be your own Icon. What are you waiting for?

You can view our Ray-Ban range here:

Additional images courtesy of Ray-Ban