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1st July 2015


Blankstone Opticians’ new state of the art Digital Retinal Camera spotted brain tumour.

Many people visit an optician like they do a dentist based upon need. Sometimes we’re just too busy unless a toothache or a problem with our eyes occurs.

Routine eye test saves Rebecca's LifeThankfully, Rebecca Chadwick is far more sensible than that. And so it proved earlier this year when her optician Blankstone Opticians sent a reminder check-up letter to her employer who has a scheme whereby employees get a free yearly eye test courtesy of the firm.

“I’m a fan of preventative health and went for my routine eye examination soon after.  The optician looked into my eyes as part of the usual checks and noticed on review that my optic nerves were swollen. He then took a picture of my eyes to show me what he had seen. The optician did not identify a cause but suggested that I needed to seek urgent medical advice.”

“It turned out that my swollen optic discs were a sign of raised intracranial pressure, which was caused by a large brain tumour. Without the optician ““ given that I had no symptoms ““ the tumour would have continued to grow, ultimately becoming a risk to my life.”

Mark Blankstone said:

“It showed up when we used the Digital Retinal Camera. There was an indication that something wasn’t quite right after the image of her optic disc appeared doughnut-shaped through the lens, in turn indicating that something was putting pressure on the back of her eye.”

Rebecca was diagnosed on 1 March 2013 and had a craniotomy on 19 March 2013. She returned to work on a part-time basis on 7 May 2013 and was back full-time on 1 July 2013.

“My life is now completely back to normal! I had no idea what could be found at a routine eye check. I have told friends and family members who have all now booked an appointment with Blankstone Opticians,”

She is also philosophical about the whole experience.

“And, in case the worst should happen, make sure that your life is how you want it to be and that you have no regrets. As a Christian, it has focused me on how important my faith is to get me through difficult times.  And how, sometimes, simple things such as going to the optician can have a profound effect on your life.”

Mark Blankstone said:

“Rebecca is a great advocate for preventative health. Your eyes can tell you so much about your health and potential disease.”