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18th September 2015

Spend as much time on choosing lenses as frames!

“Why do people spend so much time choosing a pair of frames yet next to no time in choosing lenses?”

It’s a great point made by one of our customers recently and we couldn’t agree more!

”What their frame looks like cosmetically is everything to a customer, but they often don’t worry about the lenses, as long as they aid their vision,” maintains Mark Blankstone, managing director of Blankstone Opticians.

”Lens technology is so advanced now that you can choose ones which are perfectly tailored to you.”

With the help of leading brand in the market Crizal, Mark lists the key things for you to consider:


Do you spend hours glued to a computer screen? Do you drive? Are you constantly dashing in and out of the office? Whatever your typical day looks like, you can choose lenses that are perfect for your needs.

For example, all Crizal UV lenses are scratch-resistant and protect against glare which is great for night time driving as they reduce the glare and dazzle from the headlights of oncoming vehicles. Crizal Prevencia also filters out harmful blue-violet light delivering protection all day; while Crizal Transitions quickly change from clear to dark when exposed to UV light. “For many people it’s ideal to have two or more pairs of glasses with different lenses to suit their needs,” says Mark.


“From the age of around 45, people start noticing presbyopia,” adds Mark. “This is where you begin to struggle to focus on things close up, even when wearing the glasses or contact lenses you’ve worn for many years, you may also find you hold reading materials at arms length.”
If that applies to you, Mark recommends asking about varifocal lenses (where their strength varies from the top of the lens to the bottom), which will reduce the workload on your eyes when reading.


“Lenses with anti-reflective coating look much nicer because you don’t get as much light bouncing off them,” says Mark. Crizal UV lenses all come with this technology as standard.
If you have a stronger prescription, which may have meant thicker lenses in the past, you can talk to us about opting for ones with slimmer edges that will sit more neatly inside your frames. Bye-bye bottle-thick glasses!


The higher-tech the lenses you opt for, the higher the price tag is likely to be. So set out your budget with us from the outset. However, Mark notes that sometimes a bigger initial outlay can save you money in the long run.
“The top end of the Crizal UV range, Crizal Prevencia and Crizal-UV Forte, come with a two-year no-quibble guarantee against scratches.” So they are well worth the investment.

For more information about Crizal lenses, please contact the team at Blankstones today on 0151 236 5392