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11th January 2024


There are sales and there are sales, aren’t there? When Mark Blankstone and the team invited me to look at this season’s Sale, I was literally like a kid in a candy store. One tip I picked up long ago is that if you develop your own personal style, you can pick up brilliantly stylish buys at any time of the year. If you love a certain label or look, or a combination of both, if you are prepared to invest at a different time in the season, then you are going to find some really special picks with super value attached. I can remember buying a beautiful cashmere coat once during a heatwave, when I should have been looking at swimwear. I still have the coat.

I do know from my conversations with Mark and the team that they have lots of exciting plans for 2024 in store – or perhaps that should say in practice! And in order to make those happen it is time to let you feast on exclusive eyewear so they can make a little room for the shape of optical and sunglasses to come. I can’t fit them all in one report, so I have chosen my personal favourites. And for someone who can trace their eyewear back more than three decades, I can honestly say that my favourites were all investments – because I am still wearing them. There’s never been a better time to dress your face in fabulous.

So here goes. You don’t have to go elbow-to-elbow to fight for the beauties. You just need to show up and be prepared for a try-on.*


Celine is the ultimate cool girl label, and I have never met anyone wearing it who didn’t look glorious. Some like to be inspired by those beautifully undone chic Paris girls, and others like to make it super-polished, but the eyewear is eternal. It doesn’t scream anything at all. It sort of supports your own style with a gorgeous whisper

Abbey Clancy is a huge fan of the label and wears its eyewear with a mixture of nonchalance and glamour. I love a nude, peach or pink toned pair of glasses, as they create a really soft look. They also look really great in summer. Which you might not feel up to thinking about it right now – but it always comes around.

The Celine CL500981 (were £311, now £155.50)* have that oversized shape and three dot feature

Jessica Alba has always been chic, even as a teen star. She never looks overdone, and has that sporty-chic look down to a tee.

Celine 40041

The Celine 40041 (was £305 now £152.50)* have the luxe ombre finish and defined shape


If you are looking to be style-shy, then move along right now, because Fendi is all about celebrating your face with glorious glam. You can go as understated as Fendi is willing to, or for full-on statement, logos-a-gogo presence. Beyoncé never skips a style beat and I love the more refined pieces with discreet Fendi detailing on the frames and arms.

Fendi 50010

The Fendi 50010 (were £262, now £131)* have the classic cat’s eye shape, logo trims – the perfect optical glasses

When I first spotted one of my idols, Neneh Cherry, and her talented daughter, Mabel, on the FROW at a Fendi show, it reflected to me that it really is a family concern – you can wear this label at any age. The Fendi O’Lock range, with its chunky frames, heavy gilt logo detailing and streamlined shapes maybe current, but it will also never date.

Fendi o Lock

The Fendi O’Lock 40049 (were £360, now £180)* are rock star chic at any age


If you wouldn’t want to receive a beautiful gift from Chopard, then there is nothing for you to see here – literally! The iconic jewellery house hasn’t just lent its name to an eyewear collection – if you have spied it up close, you can see all of the detailing and intricate work on display which makes its style ambassador Julia Roberts even more of a Hollywood star.

These are seriously impressive glasses, and while I lean towards a really classic look, I love how they are worn by Merseyside songwriter and musician Zuzu. She wears stage outfits that only the daring can, but she pairs her rock chic pieces with really luxurious eyewear.

The Chopard 03S (were £705, now £352.50)* the ultimate in pure luxury


Prue Leith is my kind of dame. This award-winning chef, writer and broadcaster is just about to turn 84 and proves that having a personal style mantra matters at any age. A huge lover of colour, this eyewear devotee was asked so much about her glasses that she decided to launch her own label, so she could really let loose with the brights.

The Specs by Prue 22007 (were £207, now £103.50)* have a cool havana finish with Prue signature bright accents

I think that’s me for now. One thing I have really discovered is that if you are willing to think about Spring/Summer now, and you opt for a brand and a shape that works well with the rest of your wardrobe, then not only will you save, you won’t have to think about your eyewear when the sun really comes out to play.

If you are anything like me, you will be sitting on a sunlounger, looking at ski visors.

*Please note all stock descriptions and price details are correct at time of publication. Limited stocks only. Prices are for frames only, and all prescription lenses will incur an extra charge.

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This month’s Blankstone style blog is brought to you by our very own fashion reporter, Nancy Buckland Kirk.


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