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20th June 2019

Sunglasses 2019.

The definitive guide to this year’s sunglasses in 2019.

There was a time when buying a really cool and on-trend pair of sunglasses was a spring/summer affair but not anymore.

You’ll know that if you permanently have one eye on Insta. And even if you don’t, we couldn’t help but notice last Autumn and through the winter months, females (especially), donning their favourite shades as an essential fashion accessory whether in work, shopping or gym mode.

Shopping for sunglasses just a few years back was not only a March onwards shopping habit, it was also riddled with decisions over what shape of frames suited your face but in 2019, we live in an ever more aspirational society.

We know that when a pair of designer sunglasses exclusive to us in Liverpool have that wow factor from the catwalk and, international A-list celebrities vying for attention wearing them,.

Demand will be ‘waiting-list strong.’.

We tested that a few fashion seasons ago and its why the number of designer brands of sunglasses now in stock in our store just off Castle Street in Liverpool are well in excess of double figures, albeit in limited quantities. There’s good reason for that including the fact that e.g. Chanel allow very few retailers in the UK to stock their range of sunglasses and spectacles. It’s a hugely prestigious brand with an incredible legacy and we’re proud to be a stockist.

Their range also features typically, one of the trends for 2019 when it comes to 2019’s definitive guide to sunglasses – Sunglasses with a chain.

Before we reveal the biggest sunglasses trends this year, it’s worth pointing out that there’s two ways to go when picking a cool pair of designer sunglasses at Blankstone Opticians

You can choose the classics – like a pair of Ray Bans that are timeless style that never go out of fashion…just ask Lady Gaga who loves her Ray Ban mirror aviators as seen on Insta throughout 2019.

Or you can look at what’s trending based upon colours and eras. You’ll then need to cast a discerning eye over what are fashionably stylish and, frankly a little ugly although that’s when you’re looking online at some ‘out there’ fashionista bibles.

Ultimately, every customer buying a pair of exclusive designer sunglasses from us get’s a beautiful face-based makeover. At the same time, you get the guarantee of owning and wearing an expertly crafted pair of sunnies that will turn heads and, block harmful UV rays, prevent you getting ‘crow’s feet’ and hiding that slightly hungover from ‘last night’s revelry face.’

Taking into consideration all of this, here are
the styles trending right now:

Retro Cat-Eye Lenses

these are available in funky colours including cherry & lavender with some opting to go for Lucite frames as an alternative to glass. The cat-eye look has a rounded base, jutting out at the top edges of the frames creating a triangular sunglasses shape.

Round and Transparent

fans of this shape adore the Boho look, symbolic of the 1960s and 1970s eras. There’s actually a dual choice of shapes depending on whether you favour small round lenses or oversized bug-eye styles. Either way, the plethora of colours give a modern feel to this celebrity catwalk retro look of 2019.

Sunglasses with a Chain

as mentioned earlier with reference to Chanel designer sunglasses styles this season. Your accessory game will be on point by investing in a pair of these hard to find and much in-demand frames that are exclusive to us in Liverpool. You can also purchase other exclusive designer brands that we sell and affix Le Kevin glasses holders in handcrafted leathers to any pair you buy from this season’s collection.

Octagon Lenses

this makes for a unique look especially given all the different shapes trending out there right now. On our travels to fashion shows and exhibitions, we’ve spotted office workers in the City of London to gym geeks in their hoodies wearing these with all kinds of widths of frame on show.

Visor Sport Sunglasses

the phenomenon of the wraparound frame is the talk of the summer with Gigi Hadid in Dior So Light 2 frames cutting an even more striking figure. If you’re out there to make a bold style statement this summer, especially in bold colours, their sleek and refined look than the popular goggle or visor that caught in Ibiza in recent seasons and is still bang on trend. The best look tends to be the understated and neutral, casual outfit plus we’ve seen cooler femmes wearing designer boiler suits and denim dungarees!

Whatever designer sunglasses brand and frame you choose this season, have a look at our very new website first to get an idea of your favourite and exclusive style(s).

Then come and see us in Liverpool City Centre and we’ll tell you a bit more about 2019’s definitive guide to sunglasses in more detail whilst you try on your next piece of face furniture that will keep you turning heads for the rest of the year.