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16th October 2023


When we asked the reigning Miss Liverpool 2023, Brittany Feeney, to come into the practice and model for us, as well as helping us with one of our charity initiatives, we couldn’t get over how this talented young woman had time to fit us into her packed schedule – but find time for us she did.

Brittany Feeney (2)

Miss Liverpool introduces our new Prada collection – The Prada 14W

Already an accomplished beauty title holder, Brittany is launching her bid to bring home the Miss Great Britain title 2023. However, it is the Miss Liverpool title which is so meaningful to this Maghull beauty – she graduated with a First-Class Honours Degree Dance and Performance Arts from the city’s famous LIPA University, in 2022, and can’t wait to represent the city region at the finals of Miss Great Britain 2023 in Leicester later this month.

Brittany enjoys her crowning moment

As a fully-qualified primary school dance teacher, Brittany’s work also gives her the idea to create her own platform: KIIDS, or Kindness and Inclusion in Dance. The programme allows Brittany to deliver exciting dance workshops, where so many children who are unable to access private dance classes get to enjoy all of the wellbeing benefits of movement, connection, and fun!

She’s also generous at giving her own time to charities which are close to her heart, including North West Cancer Research, and so we feel really honoured that she visited us in the practice to help boost our own campaign, Specs Appeal, in conjunction with The City of Liverpool Lions Club.

We are always pleased to lend our weight to this campaign, which runs all year round, where we collect pre-loved spectacles and hand them to the amazing team at The Lions Club based in our home city. The spectacles they collect are then sent to Lions Club Headquarters, they are then sorted into the various strengths, and are then sent to Lions Clubs centres in developing countries to be distributed to those that have poor eyesight, and can enable them to really improve their health and well being.

Once Brittany had a catch up with Mark and the team, we dispatched her with our ace photographer, Arthur Gold, to some of his favourite golden landmarks, so that Brittany could show off some of our new Autumn/Winter collections here at Blankstone.

Brittany lends her magic to Tom Ford – the TF5896

Wearing Saint Laurent in the sunshine – Brittany takes on the YSL Blaze

Icons: Brittany wears Chanel’s ultimate in luxury at our famous Albert Docks

The Chanel 4274Q with luxury chain

A teddy coat and Tom Ford? Why ever not. The TF 1068.

And then finally, we had a chat to Brittany all about her role as Miss Liverpool, her own hopes and dreams, and what she enjoyed about the shoot…

Brittany, thanks so much for showing off our new collections. Who are your own personal favourites when it comes to fashion?

I have always loved fashion, and over time I have really come to adore classic design. If my wardrobe was full of Prada, Chanel and Saint Laurent I would be really happy. Trying on the pick of your new eyewear drop, it is amazing that a pair of beautiful sunglasses really elevates any outfit.

Bringing the Chanel WOW factor to our beautiful St. George’s Hall – the Chanel 3444 with matching beaded chain

Winter white Prada and a monochrome stance – The 14W

It was great to try on some of the new Prada looks which had just arrived in the practice, too. I am definitely putting those on my festive wish-list!

It was also kind of you to drop in to talk about our Specs Appeal. We know that working with charities is such an important part of your role as Miss Liverpool 2023 and is an important part of Miss Great Britain 2023. Tell us more…

I was delighted to bring some optical glasses in to help this brilliant cause, and during my year as Miss Liverpool 2023 I will make sure I keep getting involved, as we do take our eyewear for granted, don’t we?

From speaking just to close friends and relatives, everyone has specs they no longer wear, and don’t quite know what to do with, and this is the perfect opportunity to help someone else. The City of Liverpool Lions Club do a superb job at then collecting all of the glasses, sorting them according to prescription, and then sending them to deserving communities all over the globe. A simple pair of glasses can help a child learn to read, or someone older to help them access education or employment.

Working with charities is the most important part of my title, and is also part of the ethos behind Miss Great Britain 2023 as an organisation. I have really enjoyed recently going into schools with North West Cancer Research to get involved in sessions around health and wellbeing. And my own time teaching young students in terms of dance and drama is so uplifting for them – so to set up my own platform, KIIDS, is all about giving them a chance to express themselves, connect with each other and improve their physical fitness.

And finally – if you bring home the title, you won’t forget about us, will you?

Of course not! It was a real pleasure to meet the team, as well as modelling and having my photograph taken by Arthur Gold, who is really noted around the region for his wonderfully creative work.

I will be so proud to represent my city at Miss Great Britain 2023 – it is such a wonderful place, which has such a rich cultural history. I was lucky enough to be a part of some of the Eurovision performances here earlier this year, and fans we met from around the globe fell in love with the city.

It would be such an achievement to win Miss Great Britain 2023 – it would be an ultimate accolade. However, most of all, the whole event will give me the chance to meet up with other young women I count as good friends, and enjoy the whole experience. Whatever the result, my work as Miss Liverpool 2023 continues, and I can’t wait to get started on the rest of my year.

What can we say? It was amazing to spend time with Brittany – as well as being accomplished and talented, she really has a generous spirit and we can see why the children she spends time with light up in her presence. We are super-proud she is representing this city we love so much.

We would also like to thank her wonderful mum, Julianne, who not only assisted at the shoot, but is clearly a huge inspiration for her daughter. A top beauty title winner in the 1980’s, it is clear to see where Brittany got her elegance from.

Everyone here at Blankstone Opticians wishes Brittany the very best of luck.

She is already our winner!

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Brittany is representing Liverpool at Miss Great Britain 2023 which takes place at Leicester Athena, Queen Street, Leicester on Friday 20th October 2023.

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