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25th April 2022



We have certainly seen some fantastic launches over the last three decades here at Blankstone, but this April we have welcomed Ray-Ban Stories, something so unique that even we can’t believe our expert eyes! As just one of five practices across the region to stock the new Stories range, we feel really honoured to represent this absolute game-changing selection of eyewear, which marries style with tech–special features.

A sure-fit hit at the recent Coachella festival, Ray-Ban Stories allow you to capture, share and listen. For those less technically minded, what exactly is the gen? This new innovation allows you not only to wear Ray-Ban icons, but to capture hands-free images and films, as well as connecting to your music, and taking and receiving calls, without taking out your phone.

The ultimate in smart glasses, in the words of Mark Zuckerberg, who has collaborated with Ray-Ban, “We wanted to build something which will enable you to easily capture and share experiences from your point of view. A great place to start is with the iconic Ray-Ban frames you already know and love.”

The front of the glasses have two 5 mega-pixel cameras integrated into the frame, to enable you to capture images and to film, too – all done with the tap of a finger. Voice activation is also a feature for a hands-free experience.

There are discreet open ear speakers inside the arms, so you can listen or hear, whether it is tunes, podcasts or phone calls.

You can save up to 30 videos or 500 photos that are saved via encryption. There is a white LED light to let people know you are filming or taking photos, which is not available on smartphones – giving out vital information to those around you and keeping them informed as a matter of good manners.

The power switch enables you to save on power, whenever you wish to.

The designs? Well, they are all about iconic style. Ray-Ban is a pop culture phenomenon, and evolves globally to allow wearers to embrace both style and technology. Starting with the classic Wayfarer, the Ray-Ban team took a design originated in 1952, but now updated to provide a lightweight, wearable and durable eyewear option with this new opportunity to add technology to their lives, with full UVA/UVB protection. Three built-in microphones allow for precise sound capture, with clear audio so that you can speak and listen with ease.

Ray-Ban Stories are all about letting people live in the moment, and adding to their lifestyles with ease. Design and comfort are premium, with variations in iconic styles and colours, and a chic case and recharging facility that Ray-Ban fans would expect.

That feeling people have of having their eyes down on their phone, and being disconnected from the world in lots of ways? Ray-Ban Stories allow you to keep your eyes up, your face forward, and your senses open to your surroundings in a meaningful and mindful way. If you require a prescription lens, these beauties can accommodate them, so you get to see the world even clearer.

Get ready to share your point of view, in real time. Produced in association with Meta, Ray-Ban Stories have to be seen, tried on and experienced to be believed. Whatever you capture, you can share to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, to let others know what is happening in your world, while you get to stay in control of your privacy.

We are so excited to share this range with you. If you are a creator, who likes to live in the moment, but also loves a style which is renowned, then Ray-Ban Stories are for you.

Please call in-store in Derby Square to see us, and feel free to call us on 0151 236 5392 for more details. These in-demand pieces won’t be around for too long.

Additional images courtesy of Ray-Ban

Please note – prices start at £299, and you must have a Facebook account to access all of the design features described.