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11th April 2023

Y2K logos and colourful eyewear are back

If you were not around to witness the beginning of the year 2000, you missed a treat, but it’s a time that fashion is currently replaying. 1999 had already provided quite the build up. After a decade when fashion had become downplayed, after the excess of the 1980’s, suddenly we started to feel a sense of optimism and designers certainly played the game.

From Tom Ford at Gucci, to Galliano at Dior, who were both reaching new heights, and a whole new host of faces graced magazine covers and screens who were golden, it was all about a good time. From supermodel Gisele Bundchen to music goddesses Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, the reign of the waif was over. Forget tailored greige suits, it was all about logos, explosions of colour, and a kind of in-your-face chic that was anything but understated.

Pop culture suddenly caught up with the trend: Britney and Christina were the ultimate pop princesses, Lindsay Lohan became the ultimate tween movie queen and two new names launched international reality TV into its own sphere. When Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton gained worldwide fame from starring in The Simple Life, it was Ms. Hilton who took the reins and became one of the most famous faces on the planet. (Hands up at the back if you owned a Juicy Couture tracksuit?)

The style? It was all about being seen. There was nothing low-key happening, and before the era of social media,  it was magazine covers, TV shows and reality series which made those with the right look multi-millionaires. The new century saw designers cast aside stuffy looks and run riot through the archives of the fashion houses they presided over.

John Galliano caused a stir at Dior with supermodels Gisele and Rhea Durham

Tom Ford at Gucci was on fire with glamorously gilded designs

If you weren’t on the waiting list for a Chloe banana top and shades, you do not understand the Y2K vibe. Stella McCartney was flying high.

Eyewear was big, brash and available to be viewed from space, right?

Now it is time to recreate the look with the orange tans, huge hair extensions and over emphasis on diamante-encrusting. You can pick out pieces which nod to the era without curtseying to it.

Gucci Ophidia mini bag and logo one-shouldered swimsuit

Dior J’Adior slingback pump and DIORCLUB V1U visor

Celine Athletic pants in liquid satin blue denim and Saint Laurent Destroyed Jacket

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Blankstone Blog without eyewear, so I had a catch up with Gill at the practice to chat about our fave Y2K pieces, and what the era means to her.

In her own words:

‘It feels like yesterday! I can remember us being glued to Sex and the City every week to check out the styles on screen, and ordering our first Cosmopolitans. The show mixed established labels and made household names of new brands. The Dior silk handkerchief dress which Carrie made famous is still a part of the SATC family.

And I love that Samantha made a statement about making optical glasses a chic accessory – those Chanel frames would still look amazing today.

Chanel’s new cruise wear collection has lots of Y2K nods in it – from the logos, to the crop tops and sports-inspired pieces.

I have selected two pairs of sunglasses from the Blankstone Chanel S/S ‘23 range which have a bit of a Y2K vibe – it’s all about adding a dash of colour.

The Chanel 4273T have a fabulous cat eye shape, with a blue gradient lens

The Chanel 4271T have on oversized square shape

I also think these DIORPACIFIC S1U frames are an option if you still prefer darker sunnies – the logo is absolutely standout. The best thing about selecting your sunglasses with us is that we can add a prescription lens for you – we are sure Samantha Jones would approve.’

If you pick your perfect Y2K pieces, add them to your current faves, and add a whole heap of bronzer, then a summer of stylish fun awaits.

In 2023, Paris Hilton is everywhere again, which is great to see, still bringing glamour with a hint of grown-up chic. And OG 90’s queen Jennifer Aniston brings some Dior elegance to the Y2K party.

We do wonder what happened to Paris Hilton’s friend and wardrobe assistant, though? Kim, we believe her name was. It can’t have been easy sorting out Paris Hilton’s sunnies.

We do hope she’s managed to find another job since then…

You can view the Blankstone Chanel range here:

You can view the Blankstone Dior range here:

Images courtesy of Dior/Chanel/Gucci/Vogue Runway/Allure/Celine/Saint Laurent/HBO/Jennifer Lopez

Gucci bag and swimsuit from

Dior shoes and visor from

Celine track pants from

Saint Laurent jacket from


This month’s Blog is brought to you by our style reporter, noted fashion writer and commentator Nancy Buckland-Kirk.